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Automatic pressure relief   

Automatic pressure relief

Automatic pressure relief


Mechanical pressure relief


Product features

Unique patent technology with patent NO.: ZL200820029090.7;
Special motor drive mode, low energy consumption;
For pressure sensing structure, there is high precision pressure element, high reaction speed;
Military chip and electronic component control, high accuracy and reliability;
Full specification and model;
Beautiful appearance and durability; 


Technical parameters

Parameter/model SAXD-0.1 SAXD-0.15 SAXD-0.25 SAXD-0.38
Power supply AC220V or DC24V
Power 30W
Operating pressure 1100Pa
Accuracy ±50Pa
Environment temperature -25℃~55℃
Dimensional size 550×350×200mm 620×460×240mm 850×460×240mm 1200×460×240mm
Efficient decompression area 0.1㎡ 0.15㎡ 0.25㎡ 0.38㎡
Installation dimensions reserved on wall 540×340mm 610×450mm 840×450mm 1190×450mm


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